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From the mountains of Norway to the beaches of Bali, I have created all kinds of videos for all kinds of clients.

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For this project, I had to create the campaign video and the product photography to tell the story of the company and how this 2.0 version of the bag with all its unique features was the only extreme bag you’ll ever need. The campaign reached its goal within 24 hours and received a total of $100,000 from its backers.

After years of creating content for Subtech, they asked me to make this product video of their new extreme laptop case to highlight its durability in any kind of climate.

After a successful launch for their dry case and backpacks, Subtech released another extremely durable product: The Tote Bag. For this video, we shot in the archipelago of Stockholm in the cold and wet fall to illustrate that it’s made to be tough.

After many successful product launches, Subtech wanted me to edit a video with footage from all their athletes to highlight the epic team around the globe and the amazing places their products are put to the test.

YurOn needed something playful, energetic and that gave a good feeling of their app and how it works. Instead of a sleek and super professional look, we had to create something that was more in line with how the app felt and looked while still bringing a clear and exciting message.

Karma House is not like any other tattoo studio. It’s a whole experience and they contribute to help the people most in need in Bali. For this, I needed to create something powerful and emotional to really capture the essence of their holistic and heartwarming approach to doing business.

Karma House needed a specific promo video to show their new special way of doing tattoos. Crystal hand poke. Again, we needed to create a video with a touch of mystique and magic to show this unique experience of getting your next tattoo.

As an ambassador and vlogger for Revolution Race, I created a short video highlighting the many places their clothes has taken me to explore and show that no matter the place or weather, their clothes are ready to take it on with a sense of freedom and wonder of nature.

As the Multimedia Marketing Specialist for, I created a wide variety of content. One of them was this video to highlight the many lives affected and jobs saved due to their great pivot during the first lockdown of producing hand sanitiser pump stations.

For the tech startup ChargedUp, I was given the task to create an exciting video that both explained their product but also why people should come and work with them and what makes their product, staff and company so special.

In Malmö, Sweden, a small sushi restaurant is located on a quiet, mediocre street. But what is created inside is anything but mediocre. Here we tell the story of how this place came to be the #1 Sushi Restaurant In The World with its Scandinavian touch. 

Karma House Tattoo Temple kept growing and expanding rapidly. They now opened a café and wanted to promote their healthy and holistic elixirs (drinks). With focus on the organic and pure ingredients, we made this video to really get the taste buds going!

Vibeke hired me to build her website and three videos for her business. I had to make sure her tone, energy and message came through in all the content to create a clear sense of who she is and how it’s like to work with her.

In this video, I had to capture the special bond between mother and son and to work with a young boy to make sure he was still enjoying the experience of being filmed for the day. Capturing their connection while making it a fun experience for him to partake in was what made this video a success.

Daisy wanted something artistic, creative, mystical and different. We needed to keep it very minimalistic to make your mind travel into her world to feel and experience what she’s all about, rather than just read it.

In this project to give proper beds to the poor families of Bali, we created a video about people coming together for a good cause and the deep emotions and gratitudes expressed. This was to inspire more people around the world to contribute with donations to the project and they succeeded to give more than 100 beds to many families in need.

IKEA & UNHCR hired me and my assistant to fly down to Greece during the Syria crisis to document their “Better shelter” project that makes large, dry and comfortable shelters to support all the refugees arriving on the shores. This video along with photographs was shown in their official app and printed in over 100 million copies in their IKEA Catalogue.

IKEA & UNICEF are working together to bring education to the islands of Comoros. I and my assistant were given the task to show the impact they have had so far and their ambitions for the future.

The Yogilab set out to show that drastic improvements in your health and fitness do not have to be complicated. They needed this teaser to show their audience what is about to come and get them excited to join in on this challenge.

After their first successful round of donations, Karma House created a fun and tough event where all the profits were given to their project to give proper beds to children in Bali. Here, we displayed that having fun and giving back is the best way to do it!

For this only women Yoga retreat, I had to work with lots of respect, gentleness and professionalism to not disturb the sessions, the energy and the experience for the participants. It demanded absolute focus to get the content needed to create an amazing video while being invisible and give the space needed as some parts were intimate and personal.

As Karma House expanded further in their business, they started offering workshops of all kinds on a daily basis. The focus was to show the big variety of things and emotions you can explore and that there is something for anyone while connecting to likeminded people.

Doritos & Mountain Dew had their official Skateboard Summer Tour in Sweden and wanted to have a video to show how the events throughout the country will look like and promote to the cities for the upcoming dates.

This video needed to show the process and progress of the contestants of Miss Universe Denmark to promote nationwide, leading up to the big event and the final show on stage. This was used to both get brands to collaborate with the producers as well as for the public to come and attend the finale.

This music video was shot withou any script or plan. All was improvised in the moment during the course of one day. Me and the artist exchanged ideas and worked on them together to bring the emotions of the song to life.

As I followed Hoffmaestro on tour for a whole summer for the second time, we wanted to create a quick, powerful and energetic video to promote their upcoming gigs and show once again that they are still the very best live band in Sweden.

This music video had a basic idea and structure planned out, but most was shot purely on feeling, timing and improvisation. The challenging part to overcome here was to time everything in the post-production to the song and make sure all parts had great footage. This is why we shot the whole song over and over with me shooting it completely different every time.

I was hired by Experience Philippines to join their two week exploration of the almost unkown regions of their country to show that it has so much more to offer than what the typical tourist see. An authentic and real experience where I had to build a connection with the locals in a very short time and be alert to capture all the great moments, moments you can’t replicate.

As the face of Revolution Race YouTube Vlogs, I went on many adventures to show that their clothes are the best for any situation in the outdoors. As much as I love being behind the camera, I can perform really well in front of it too with my enthusiastic personality and positive attitude.

With lots of successful productions for Subtech, they wanted me to join their ever-growing brand on new adventures by vlogging their top athletes around the world!

For Prime Central in London, I was brought in as the videographer and editor to showcase their most luxurious houses on the market. I also took the role of directing the agent to make sure his lines, energy and professionalism were consistent and top-notch throughout the tour.

For Prime Central in London, I was brought in as the videographer and editor to showcase their most luxurious houses on the market. I also took the role of directing the agent to make sure his lines, energy and professionalism were consistent and top-notch throughout the tour.

For Prime Central in London, I was brought in as the videographer and editor to showcase their most luxurious houses on the market. I also took the role of directing the agent to make sure his lines, energy and professionalism were consistent and top-notch throughout the tour.


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