content creator for the now

Marcus Grip

“Dare to explore beyond your comfort zone, beyond what is common, what is reasonable. Be crazy, be wild, be bold. That is how you stand out. That is how you will be different.”

Why me?

I was born to create.
I have created in so many ways since I was a child. When I found the camera at the age of 15, I never looked back. Now, 15 years later, with countless shoots, projects, countries and people, I have built a massive toolbox from experience and the constant drive to push myself further every day. With a hunger for technology, I also started building my own website (back in the coding days) and eventually for clients as well.

My optimistic approach to life combined with a mind well trained for being organised and structure makes for a perfect combination whether it’s a simple photoshoot, big documentary project or a huge remake of a website. Rest assured, whatever idea you might have, I’ll create something unique, exciting and powerful.